Why We Recommend Signing Up for More Sessions...


Parents frequently ask us how many sessions they recommend and, more often than not, depending on the circumstances, our answer is that the more time you can spend at one camp (vs bouncing around from camp to camp), the better it is for your child.


Why?  It's Simple. 


Camp is about Growth, Discovery and RELATIONSHIPS.


Yes, camp is also about having fun and trying new things, or, for some children, diving deeply into one specific activity your child loves.  


But at it's heart, Camp is ultimately about discovering who you are and finding your tribe.  It's about making lifelong friends, building lasting relationships and being part of something.  A community.  A family.  A place where you can lay down roots in a way that's different from home or school.


Connection Takes Time.  Growth Takes Time.  Community Takes Time.


It takes time to settle in, to get comfortable, to open up, to make friends, to feel like you're a part of something.  It takes time to learn the culture of a new community and feel like you're a part of it.  Especially for young hearts and developing minds.


With so many offerings out there and the wide variety of specialty camps, yes, it can be tempting to want your child to experience as much variety as possible.  A week of science camp.  A week of sports camp.  A week of Robot Camp.  Etc.   They'll learn about this, get a chance to do that, we'll try out this place and see if he/she likes it, etc.


But when you give your child the gift of time to settle in and become a part of a group, part of a family, learn the culture, become a known and integral figure, you give the gift of space to grow, space to shine, space to discover who they are and make connections they'll keep and cherish for a lifetime.


There are also some activities, projects and skills that just cant be fully learned, enjoyed or completed in a week.  Sure, you can have fun doing a variety of things in an isolated context of experience.  But when you go deeper with something, you learn more, you taste more, you experience more.   An art project. A play production.  A filmmaking project.  Creating a carnival from scratch with nothing but your imagination, the synergy of collaboration and the open ended materials around you.


When people ask us what we do at our camp, we dont list the long list of activities we do.  

We tell them "We help kids become the biggest, boldest, bravest, shiniest versions of themselves"


We've built a culture and a community at Camp Super Duper.  An ethos.  One that our campers, staff and parents simply know as "Sup Dup." 


Whether you come to Camp Super Duper or choose to go to another camp, we recommend you give your child the chance to be there for as long as your schedule and budget can afford.   It's the best way to make the most of your child's summer and give them a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives.







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