A Typical Week


We say “typical” but, really, there’s nothing typical about any week at Sup Dup.  We just want to give you an idea of the basic flow of a week at Sup Dup, and a window into some of the magic that goes down…




Since it’s the first day of the week, and every other Monday is the first day of a new session, Mondays are the closest thing to a “regular” day.   Again, “regular” in quotes.   Mondays are about gettin’ in the Sup Dup groove, easing into the week with a “regular” slate of awesome classes and activities. (see above).    Any given day, you could have Art, Tae Kwon Do, Cooking, Circus and Field Hockey. Or a zillion other possible schedules.



Spirit Tuesdays

Every Tuesday is Spirit Day, when campers and staff show their Sup Dup Spirit by wearing crazy hair, silly hats, moustaches, two different shoes, socks on their hands, glitter on their face, clothes on backwards, tutus, nerdy glasses, bobbing antennae, lab coats, Buzz Lightyear costumes or ANYTHING they feel like.   On spirit day, you can pink and green striped underwear on your head and no one even bats an eye.  It’s just the Sup Dup way.


Water Wednesdays

Every Wednesday is Water Day, a veritable splash-o-rama, complete with ginormous Water Slides, Super Soakers, splash pools, slip n’ slides, water games and whole lotta wild summer fun.   Oh, and don’t forget the popsicles!


Field Trip Thursdays

Thursdays are field trip days.   On the second Thursday of each Session Campers 3rd - 8th grade go on a different field trip to places like the Beach, Hiking/Nature Adventure, Ice Skating, Museums, Rock Climbing, etc.  On the first Thursday 6th - 8th graders and CITs take their own special trip to places like Hurricane Harbor, Sky High Sports, Family Fun Center, etc.

Campers 2nd grade and under stay on campus to enjoy a full slate of Sup Dup classes, games and activities.


Fun Fridays

A long-time Sup Dup institution, Fun Fridays each have a unique theme, such as Mystery Day, Pajamarama, Carnival, Fancy Schmancy Day, Country Hoedown, etc.   Campers and staff all dress according to the theme, sometimes as-you-wish, sometimes in coordination with their group.   Our week-long group projects culminate in spectacular fashion and we do all sorts of special activities in line with the them (like, oh, maybe have a giant cereal banquet in our pajamas on pajamarama!  Or square dance in our overalls and have a watermelon eating contest on Country Hoedown day.  You get the idea.




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