Why Did We Move?


Some of you have asked us and others may be wondering, why did we move from St James' School to Hollywood Schoolhouse?


As St. James' School embarks on a comprehensive (and exciting!) campus renovation that is scheduled to take place over the next two summers, we are excited about our new home at Hollywood Schoolhouse.


St James' School was a great home and partner for 5 wonderful years and, now, we look forward to a new partnership with our friends at Hollywood Schoolhouse.


We are looking forward to evolving and elevating our program at our new campus, and... 


We are SO excited to have access to a pool again!


Our new campus offers us all of the same amenities as our previous home, while also providing us with a full-sized, in-ground, out door pool to add a swimming program.


Remember, Camp Super Duper is not a place, but a way of being.  We are not defined by any specific location, but rather by the diverse programming, exceptional staff and heart-centered, slightly wacky Sup Dup culture and community you know and love.