Camp Super Duper LIVE

Summer 2020! 
A Live, Interactive, Virtual Extravaganza for ages 6 to 12




We will be running virtual summer camp from June 22 - August 14! 

Virtual summer camp will run daily from 9:30am to 3pm PST (come and go as you please) for LIVE interactive experiences, classes, activities, hangouts and shenanigans.

Each day will have...

  • 4 LIVE classes/activities (you'll know the schedule ahead of time so kids can choose what they like and tune in for what they're into)

  • Facilitated hangout time for social connection (supervised and guided for safety, inclusion and kindness)

  • Classic Sup Dup Shenanigans (songs, games, cheers, repeat-after-me's, etc)

  • A spirited theme (crazy hair, mustaches, pajamas, etc)

  • We'll celebrate any birthdays ('cuz having your birthday during Coronavirus stinks)

  • Spontaneous Sup Dup Fun (we'll have our awesome team there to engage, guide, read the moment, interact with the kids, help them navigate and come up with a fun Plan B if anything isn't working as planned)

  • Some Un-interrupted time for YOU to do your thing (hallelujah!)

Classes and Activities Include...

  • Boxing

  • Yoga

  • Theater/Improv

  • Talent show

  • Fashion show

  • Oceanography 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Freestyle Rap

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Class series (2 - 3x per week): Ongoing Lego Challenges, Project Runway, Create Your Own Superhero, and more... !

  • Chakra Rebalancing
    (ok, just seeing if you're still paying attention).

  • Art & Crafts Galore! 

  • Cooking

  • Music

  • Science

  • Magic

  • Dance

  • Fitness

  • Fort Building 

*Most of the class supplies will be easy-to-get (or already have) items. You will receive the supply list in advance.


Here's how it works...

  •  Sign up HERE

  •  We have daily and weekly enrollment at $45/day and $199/week. 

  •  Starting Monday, June 22nd, the Sup Dup Zoom Room will be open from 9:30 to 3pm PST for a variety of fun games, classes and activities.  ALL LIVE.

  •  Each Friday you'll receive the upcoming weekly schedule including any needed supplies.​ You'll be emailed the Zoom link and Schedule reminder the night before camp.  

  • Kids can come and go as they please for the classes and activities they are into (or for the windows you need them to be engaged).

  •  You can go and get some work done, take a nap, meditate, do yoga, go cry in the car, have a bath. Whatever works.  You do YOU.

Why Camp Super Duper LIVE?

Among the challenges we are all facing as parents, right now, is how to balance managing our needs and responsibilities, and our kids' needs.   Many of us still need to work. And our kids still need stimulation, activity, engagement and social connection.  


Camp Super Duper LIVE will keep kids...

Kids need to move their bodies, expel energy, play.  That's hard to do in quarantine, and distant PE just ain't cutting it, so we've got all kinds of classes to get kids' bodies moving at home.

The great challenge for all of us right now is the lack of social connection, human interaction, etc.  For kids, its an even greater challenge. They NEED to interact with other kids. Its an essential social/emotional developmental need, and its harder for them to come by right now than it is for us.  Sup Dup LIVE is designed to help them feel like a part of a community again, see friends, interact, laugh, joke, play together, participate in a shared experience, make new friends, while under supervision to keep things safe, inclusive and positive.

Let's be honest, we parents have stuff to do.  We need our kids to be engaged, and to be doing something other than receptively staring at a screen all day.  And, there's only so much Mommy (or Daddy) Poppins we have in us before we run out of ideas, steam or sanity.   So, let US keep them busy doing fun, engaging, enriching things so YOU can focus on work and take a break from being the entertainment for the day.



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