Sup Dup LIVE presents...

Virtual Birthday Parties

Have you got the COVID birthday blues?  Look no more!

Camp Super Duper has been throwing virtual parties all summer and they are a hit!  Parties are individually crafted for you, your kiddo, your parents, anyone! We make something special happen for any age group. And Wow! We knew this would be popular, but had no idea just how much fun we'd have together! 


To brainstorm and craft your perfect party, please contact us here, we can't wait! 

Activity ideas for the kiddos 
  • Art (endless projects to choose from!) 

    • painting, drawing, recycled material sculpture, mask making etc.

  • Cooking / Baking (birthday kid's favorite treat?!) 

  • Cake Decorating Challenge! With secret ingredients and fun themes, you and your friends will participate in the ultimate cake decorating challenge!

  • Lego Masters A competitive Lego challenge with guidance, tips and special twists.

  • Amazing things to do with a t-shirt! Turn a regular t-shirt into a bag, or a necklace, add fringe, make cool cuts etc! 

  • Spa Day Get your robes, cucumber slices, face cream and strawberry water and enjoy a relaxing soundbath and guided meditation

  • Theatre Arts Make your own play! Create a story, develop characters and act it out! 

  • Aromatherapy (bath salts, essential oils, body scrubs, soaps, etc)

  • Mad Scientists Learn cool science facts and do fun science based projects 

  • Song Writing Create a special personalized song with your guests!

  • LIVE Animal Show! Meet LIVE animals via Zoom and learn all about them!

  • Create your own party! Brainstorm with us to craft your perfect party

For the adults

We help you craft a personalized party for you and your guests! Themed events can be created for all ages and can include music, specialty cocktail recipes, art projects, zany trivia about your guest of honor, and more!  We have adapted well-loved party games to this new platform to help break the ice and get the whole party involved and laughing! 


Super cool activity

Super Duper cool activity

0 to 15 Kids



16 - 25 kids



26 - 35 Kids



Hear it directly from the parents!


We felt sad that our 7 yr old daughter, Madeleine, couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her friends. Camp super duper came to the rescue and designed a really fun party through zoom, which kept the kids laughing and entertained for a good couple of hours. She tends towards being a little shy, but the camp super duper team coaxed the best out of her and ensured she was smiling throughout. Adina and the team take the time to understand the children, what they might enjoy and suggest a really personalised experience - which made the party special, even in lockdown. THANKS! 

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We booked Camp Super Duper for my daughter's virtual birthday party. What a great idea! My daughter was happy that she got to celebrate her birthday virtually while we are in this "lockdown". Some of our family members who live abroad were also able to join, which made the party even more special! We had teacher Shannon and Arlynn host the party, and they were both great with the kids. They played some fun games, did some age appropriate cooking, and also did spa activities. I would highly recommend Camp Super Duper and their virtual birthday party!

Our online parties are a 1.5 hour facilitated experience via Zoom that is structured, interactive and FUN! The layout is as follows (but can be adapted in any way):

Welcome & greet: We open the party with a short welcome and greeting period where we chat with the birthday kid and their friends, ask fun questions and facilitate a share from each friend! (perhaps a funny story, a special birthday wish etc.) ​

Game time: We play a super fun and hilarious "game-show style" game called Better Than Jeff that we invented.  (Kids LOVE it, but so fun for all ages. Grown ups welcome!)

Birthday interview: A chance for the Bday child to do a special Bday interview where we ask some fun and interesting questions for them to answer (and record for future reference), or just a chance to share any gratitude, Bday wishes for him/her self, tell a joke, etc.

Facilitated activity: a fun activity of your choice! 

Sing happy birthday (the Sup Dup way!): We all sing happy birthday and blow out the candles with friends, led, organized and with camp super duper flair... including our very special unique and fun Sup Dup Bday tushy shakes.​​​