Our facility at Hollywood Schoolhouse features a wonderful full size in-ground pool!


During the week, all campers have a chance to go swimming with their group for about an hour of free-swim, followed by lunch, lounging in the sun and popsicles!

Free-swim time is very heavily supervised with lifeguards patrolling the pool from the outside and all your child's counselors PLUS additional staff in the water with the children. 

During swim time, our staff is very alert, congnizant of the children's individual swimming ability/water comfort and will be very hands-on, up close and engaged, making sure everyone is safe and having a fun, positive swimming experience.


No child is allowed to swim in an area that is beyond their swimming ability.

We roll out the pool noodles, balls, inflateable duckies & tubes and fun things to play with. We also have arm floates ("floaties") available for all who need them.  Our staff will make sure they have all the information they need from you to make Swim time at Camp Super Duper fun and SAFE!

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