July 22, 2016

Let the games begin (on Friday)


This Fun Friday we have our exciting annual SupDup Games! They will challenge our competitive spirit, sportsmanship, creative thinking and teamwork.

All this week we have had activities that encouraged growth in all areas of development concerning these games.



The week started off with a color picking ceremony and you can see the video of it right here!



In case you did not get all the details from the clip here are the color assignments for each group:

The Great Color Picking Ceremony for our SupDup Games this FRIDAY!

The color are as follows:

Bears- Dark Blue
OhMy's!- Black
Totos-Sky Blue
Twisters- Green
Wizards- White
Flying Monkeys- Orange 
Team Tin- Purple
Group X-Rainbow
YTBP's- Red
CIT's- Pink


Tomorrow it begins, the challenge, the race, the fun! 

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