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Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus: What you can & MUST do for your kids right now.

NOTE:  This one is a little lengthy, but it will be the most valuable email you've received about the Coronavirus situation, or we’ll send you a roll of TP. Hello Beloveds, I imagine you’ve received enough emails about the COVID-19 virus by now, so I’ll save telling you what you already know, except to remind you that, of course, we are very aware of the situation and navigating accordingly.   I’ll let you know in a moment, what we are doing as far as Camp Super Duper goes, but first, there are more important things right now. In this email/post, I'm going to talk about 3 things:

  1. What your kids need from you right now (and what you absolutely shouldn't do)

  2. How to Make It Fun and Find the Silver Linings

  3. What Camp Super Duper is doing about camp, and what we’re doing to help you NOW. Plus, a little note and offer of personal support, to you, the parent, as a human, in this challenging time.


WHAT YOUR KIDS NEED FROM YOU RIGHT NOW... These are unprecedented times.  The world has changed in the last few days as much as, if not more than, it did on 9/11.   Schools, parks, classes, gyms, offices, museums, public gatherings of all kinds, CLOSED. Flights, trips, events, shows, concerts, sports, CANCELED.  Panic shopping, empty shelves, lines for toilet paper, scarcity of hand sanitizer, financial instability, and the implementation of a terrible sounding thing:  Social Distancing. All of this adds up to a climate of massive uncertainty. And uncertainty, especially in a vacuum of leadership, can lead to anxiety, fear, panic, hysteria, xenophobia.  In fact, we’re already there.   I know many of you are feeling it.  We’re all feeling it. And if we’re feeling it, our kids are definitely feeling it. Regardless of what is being discussed around them or not, what they know or don't know consciously, they are deeply attuned and sensitive and are absolutely picking up on the collective energy of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. How can you help them deal with their anxiety about COVID-19 and life changing all around them? In times of uncertainty, what is needed from leaders (including and especially parents) is a grounding sense of calm, stability, clarity, a sense of “don’t worry, I know what to do.” They need to feel a sense of CERTAINTY.* The certainty that you know what to do.  That everything is going to be ok. That they can relax because you’ve totally got this. How?  See below. (click here to read about the human need for Certainty in Tony Robbins’ model for the 6 basic human needs)


WHAT YOU CAN (AND MUST) DO FOR YOUR KIDS RIGHT NOW... You need to be the eye of the storm.   The calm, grounding, centered force amidst the heightened sense of fear, anxiety and turbulence that is swirling around us. Here’s how...

Take Care of Your SELF  - Just like in the airplane, you have to put your oxygen mask on first.  Otherwise, you are useless to your kids and those who rely on you to lead and take care of them.

Breathe Literally, breathe.  Like, right now, and intentionally and often throughout the day.  Take some deep breaths and connect to the wisdom and grounding of your body.  It sounds cliche, but cliche things are cliche because they’re true. It works.  Stop and breathe. Take care of your body Eat healthy.  Drink Water. Don't give up your exercise. Get good sleep. Practice good hygiene.  Be proactive about strengthening your immunity (tips below signature). Take Care of your Mind Read, listen, be informed, get the facts, BUT, stand guard at the gateway of your mind and decide what you will let in, and what you won’t.  Don’t be consumed by the incessant and sensationalist news media, fear mongering, social media, over consumption of news, etc. Stay informed, but stay clear and present.  Look for facts to EMPOWER you, not freak you out. Take Care of your Energy This may be the most important.  Your children feel you exactly as you are, regardless of what you are attempting to transmit.  Be aware of your own anxiousness, fear, frustration, etc. Meditate daily. Several times a day if necessary.  Just a few minutes. Cultivate the practice of stillness and presence so you can be in the moment. They need to FEEL calm, easeful, “everything is ok” energy from you.  

It will help settle them into trust and safety more than anything you can say to them.


**This is the time to double down on your daily self-care practices, not give them up. And, if you don't have any, what a great time to start!** *(Feel free to contact me for tips and coaching in this department.  This is my Jam. I have lots of great practices to anchor the mind, body and spirit, and would be happy to support you.)


Be Smart and Responsible, to your family and to the Public Health.   There is no need to panic, but there is a need to be informed and follow protocols that will keep your family healthy, and guard the health of others, who may be more vulnerable.

Follow all CDC recommendations for Social Distancing. No need to go running for the hills in fear, but let’s be smart about not exposing ourselves or being carriers that will spread to more vulnerable people.  Make plans for staying home and staying away from public places for a bit.

(We are working on a solution for helping keep your kids engaged while at home. See below.)

Be prepared so you can FEEL prepared. Preparation brings calm.   Get the supplies you need to stay home for a little while.  Have some cash on hand. Keep a full tank of gas. Make any arrangements you need to.  Take some time to set your home up for your temporary new lifestyle. Do whatever you need to feel prepared (but don’t stress out over it.  Just do what you can and that’s good enough).   When you feel prepared, it reduces anxiety, which will help you project that “don’t worry, I got this” energy for your little ones.

Talk to your kids.  Don’t pretend everything is normal.  It’s not. And they know it.  And they’re probably scared.  Let them know things are going to be different for a little while, and there will be some changes, but not to worry, because you have a plan, you’re going to keep them healthy, you’re going to keep them safe, AND, you’re going to work together to find the hidden gifts and silver linings.  (more on that below).

Find the Silver Linings.  

What a great opportunity to teach our kids to look for the hidden gifts in things by asking the question “What’s Great About This?”   There’s always a positive to be found, a silver lining, a hidden gift, in every situation. Sit down as a family and see what gifts you can find.  More time with family. A chance to slow down and reconnect. A chance for kids to learn how to work independently from home (a skill they’ll need in the future). A shared global experience where for the first time in human history, we can truly experience and feel that we’re all in this together. Increased opportunities for compassion and service.  Pajama day, every day. No school uniforms. An opportunity to start or finish projects, reorganize the house, or write those letters you’ve been meaning to. What rainbows will you find in this storm?

Create Structure.

Kids. Need. Structure. It helps them feel safe. Create a daily schedule.  Set your home up to be ready for the new lifestyle. Decide where they do schoolwork and you do your work.  Delineate times that you are available to them and times they need to figure things out on their own (age appropriate of course).  Having a structure, with your schedule, with your physical space, with your “rules of engagement”. It will help EVERYONE.

Make it Fun!   

Let’s be honest, beyond the legitimate concerns about safety, health, financial stability, this is a huge pain in the ass.  Having to adjust, change, stay home, figure out work, figure out child care, what to do with our kids, etc. But everything only has the meaning we give it. And this is happening whether we like it or not.  So let’s make the most of it! When life throws me a curveball, I like to set my brain up for success by saying “Oh Boy! More Fun!”  Let’s lead by example and show our kids how to make the most out of any situation.  Lighten the energy. Find fun stuff to do, be creative. We’re going to help you with this...




We’re not going to freak out.

The virus known as fear can spread, like wildfire, farther and faster, and be more dangerous and destructive than any medical virus.  We’re not going to let it consume us, grip us, and drive our actions. We’re going to stick with Love. We’re not going to go into “every-man-for-himself” mode. Times of uncertainty, scarcity and anxiety can drive people into survival mode, where we curl up and protect our vital organs, and focus only on our needs, ahead of others.  More than ever, this is a time to be compassionate, patient, loving, kind, generous, inclusive.   Let’s support, comfort, and take good care of each other.* *(including people we don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t agree with).

We’re NOT going to let “Social Distancing” keep us from connecting in community. While I believe in practicing PHYSICAL social distancing as a means of slowing the spread of the virus so our health care system can meet the expected demand, I am vehemently opposed to us accepting the normalization of Social Distancing on an emotional or energetic level. We need each other right now.  We need community.  We need social contact.  We are exquisitely codependent.  Fortunately, we live in a time where technology allows us to stay connected, even when we’re not physically together.  So let’s stay connected. You can use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facetime to: Have dinner “together” or even a virtual dinner party .Watch a movie “together”. Play a board game “together”. Do an art project “together”. Set the kids up for a virtual play date. Attend Virtual events. Just hang out.

Be creative!

See below to learn how we’re working on a way to help the kids still be “together” and be in community,virtually.



We are still working on preparing the most incredible summer experience for your children. We are confident this will pass well before Summer and we’ll be ready to deliver a magical summer of love, connection, discovery, exploration, creativity, movement, play, growth, laughter and outdoor FUN!

We are working on bolstering and bullet-proofing our health, cleanliness and safety protocols. We are currently working on implementing new protocols and procedures for cleaning, hand-washing, deep sanitation, illness screening, sick policies, staff training on recognizing and responding to illness, etc.  Everything the CDC recommends and more.

We are extending our early registration discount deadline. We’ve extended our Early Registration Discount deadline from March 15 to April 15, giving you more time to get your bearings, sign up, and save $$.  

- Sign up by April 1 and save $125 off tuition PER WEEK.            - Sign up by April 15 and save $100 off tuition PER WEEK. Click here to see our session dates, tuition schedule, or to sign up.

We are implementing a flexible cancellation policy.   Any and all registrations are fully refundable, should there have to be a cancellation of our program due to COVID-19 (or any other widespread illness concerns).  If we do run summer camp, but you are still not 100% confident and choose not to attend, all paid tuition will be saved as a credit to be used for any future sessions. If you want to sign up and take advantage of early registration discounts, but are concerned about what might happen if the virus situation isn't resolved by Summer, don’t worry. You can enroll with confidence.  We’ve got you covered. We are working on an in-home, online version of Sup Dup to keep kids engaged and active while kids are at home! We’ll be sending a separate email about that shortly, but we are working on creating an interactive, online, LIVE version of Camp Super Duper, where kids can see their friends, stay connected to community, follow along from home with live and pre-recorded classes and activities (like art, cooking, science, tech, tinkering, coding, craft, yoga, dance, etc), games, cheers, songs, projects, and challenges with their favorite staff and camp peeps, and stay connected to community. This will help keep the kids creative, inspired, connected to community, AND ENGAGED, so you can focus on work, take a break from home-schooling, or grandma or your babysitter has something to do with them. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!    STAY TUNED!


A FINAL NOTE FROM SEGEV… Please know that I am here for you if you need any support of any kind.   Some of you may or may not know that, outside of my life at Sup Dup, I am a coach, mentor and facilitator in a number of communities (spiritual/conscious communities, men’s groups, and personal development mastermind groups).   I do much more than create fun experiences for kids. I am here to serve my community in any way I can.    Please lean on me as a resource for whatever you may be going through, or whatever challenges you’re facing.  Child-related or otherwise. My direct email is Reach out to me anytime and I’ve got your back. With Love, Segev and the entire Camp Super Duper Team


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