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Super Duper 2016 Week One Fun

Welcome to SuperDuper Summer 2016!!! Our first week of awesome activities is already under way! We have wonderful new activities and a group of amazing staff to facilitate all of the growing, learning and developing that happens here at camp.

This year we have such a wonderful variety of classes and things to learn. Our teacher Moses is teaching Parkour and movement, our art teachers Ryan and Sebastian are teaching Street art. Several of our teachers are performers (of many genres) so we have quite the diverse selection of performance art classes and we even have a video production class(4d) put on by James.

This week we had a wild wrap to the week with a pajama cereal party! There were pillow fights and fort building. We also had life sized games that put our kids on equally sized terms with the board games that they love.

Over the course of the summer we have field trips and excursions as well as localized events to make this a summer to remember! There are basketball games and beach excursions, overnight programs in the Malibu Mountains! We balance nature with fun in our trips making sure everyone has a great time.

So stay tuned as we update you on all the amazing and fun things going on at camp this year!


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