"My son's AMAZING counselors gave my son the same care and kindness and life-lesson advice and support that I would have. They empowered him to be a better person rather than label him a bad kid. The counselors are true professionals. They are there because they love children and they are very well trained by the leadership of Super Duper."

- Deena A.

Our People


Camp is ultimately about relationships, connection & growth.  That’s why the cornerstone of our program is our People.  


After all, camp is just a place and a schedule without the amazing people who foster connection and make it fun, safe, enriching, uplifting and memorable.


That’s why we are downright obsessive about finding and hiring the right people


For us, the “right people” means

The kind of people we want our campers to learn from and be like.   People who inspire and are inspired.   People who are passionate about life and compassionate towards others.  People who are mindful of the power of their actions and their words.  People who are loving, kind, nurturing, wacky, fun, quirky, unique, not afraid to shine and be seen.  


We also search for those rare folks who not only possess that one-of-a-kind spark, but also have the professional background to match.


This means we hire mature, experienced adults who each bring a unique essence and distinct set of professional credentials to the team.


Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds (education, social work, psychology, anthropology, spiritual studies, media production, arts, and camp, just to name a few). 


But at their core, every person on the Camp Super Duper team is a teacher, a leader, and a loving, kind-hearted, sparkly soul with something to unique and special to give. 

That’s what makes them… Sup Dup!

(They are also thoroughly screened, background-checked, first-aid certified and Sup Dup trained!)


Segev Perets - Founder / Executive Director


The captain of our ship and mad scientist behind Super Duper, Segev is the founder of Super Duper and the driving force behind continually evolving the philosophy and program forward.  His background is in Art, Psychology, Anthropology, Education and Spiritual Studies. 

Segev’s vision is to bring the essence of what camp is, and has always been, truly about into the 21st century, with innovation in programming and a philosophical model that takes the most current educational, psychological research into a big picture and small picture context to cultivate and empower the youth of today to engage, improve and uplift the world of tomorrow (and be happy in their heart!).  

At camp, Segev can be seen doing everything from running carpool line, to leading staff meetings to handling administrative duties.   But his favorite thing is hanging out with the kids!

Peter Berube - Funsultant / CFO (Chief Fun Officer)


Peter is an accomplished artist and teacher with over twelve years of experience in developing new educational programming for private schools, charter schools, after-school programs, and camps across the country. On top of his work educating children of all ages, Peter has worked all over the globe developing new and innovative personal growth techniques with one of the top team building companies in the United States. 


Peter has been a teacher at Camp Super Duper for over eight years, and has been key voice in the continued growth of the constantly expanding programming. 

Michelle Weintraub - Assitant Director



Adriana Duran - Front Desk


During the regular school year Adriana is a director for an after-school program for her local school district, where she focuses on academics and enrichment for youth.  She is passionate about her career choice because she enjoys making personal connections with her students and guiding them towards purposeful and meaningful lives. Upon arriving at camp, two summers ago, she realized that camp SUP DUP occupied a special place in her heart. She realized it was a place one can be themselves and grow from their experiences. All though she didn’t grow up in summer camp, she now understands the impact it can have on a child’s life.


She’s excited to be a part of an awesome and inspiring team where she continues to grow each year.

Our Instructors

Coach A



Known to campers as “Coach A,” Adriohn is excited to be back at Super Duper for the second year! He is ready to bring more challenging and fun-filled epic sports and games. Adriohn is from Chicago, proud daddy of four, and his life revolves around enriching the lives of youth through education and the arts. He is an actor, comedy writer, skilled Hip-Hop MC, and accomplished songwriter with songs licensed in film and TV.

James H.

Skateboarding & Digital Art


James is from London, UK and has lived in over 12 countries and travelled to over 35. He loves to snowboard, surf, skateboard, DJ, produce music and travel the USA with his dog Gracie Bones. James can not wait to skateboard with the future Camp Super Duper superstars.

Clown Julia

Circus Arts


FUN is the name of the game around Clown Julia! She is also a comedy children's magician, stilt walker, balloon twister and top of her field company mascot! She was also a talent judge on a British national talent competition. She is looking forward to teaching circus this summer along with clowning around with the Super Duper campers!

Teacher William



William teaches music at Camp and is a songwriter and performer. He loves to swim, bike, & run in his spare time! Triathlon anyone?

Teacher Ryan



Ryan is an art teacher, fine artist and dj who works with children in almost all facets of his life because of his mission is to bring art and music to the world and everyone in it. In Ryan’s class, kids are guaranteed a great time and most likely a shirt covered in paint with a huge smile on their face.