“Thank You for yet ANOTHER fantastic summer! As Sami said every day when I asked her how camp was today, she always answered ‘Perfect!’  Thank you again, Segev.  You and your counselors were, as always, Perfect!”

- Joshua W.

What We Believe


Our Mission


At Camp Super Duper, our mission is to protect the sacred institution of childhood and to nurture the magical, care-free feeling of just being a kid, while providing opportunities and experiences that facilitate the development of the whole child as a unique individual, cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  



Our Philosophy


We believe that life is all about relationships, all about connection.   At the end (and beginning) of the day, it is our fundamental drive towards connection that is at the core of what motivates, inspires, and fulfills us.  It is what makes us human.


At Sup Dup, that drive is our guiding principle.  Connection is at the core of everything that we do at camp. 


Connection, of course, is founded on the ability to relate to each other.  And that, in turn, is rooted in our ability to not only know who we are ourselves, but express ourselves as well. 


All of our program’s visible components — the classes, field trips, theme days, the rituals, etc.  — are all deliberately designed and selected for their inherent ability to illicit joy, cultivate curiosity and wonder, facilitate learning on a deeper level, and create opportunities for connection.


Through these activities and experiences, we encourage campers to:

  • be compassionate towards others,

  • learn how to communicate effectively,

  • find ways to have agency in the world,

  • be aware of and understand their internal states, feelings, and motivations,

  • develop the ability to engage, create, innovate, risk, persevere,

  • understand, express and take care of themselves.


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