"My son came home every day with great stories about the unique games they played (dodgeball in a bouncy house!), and art that I had not known him capable of.  He never used to be very interested in fine arts, but after 2 weeks at Super Duper, he had a plethora of mediums he had learned to work in, and its displayed all over our house.  The staff is fun, energetic, and truly happy to be there."

- Blythe B. 

Our Goals


In addition to having fun, experiencing joy and making connections, we deep and deliberate intention and purpose behind what we do.

Ultimately, we want all our campers to:


  • Know who they are (or not be afraid to take risks on the road to finding out)


  • Have the courage and tools to express themselves authentically in the world


  • Have the desire and ability to deeply and meaningfully connect with others


  • Be able and willing to surrender to joy, laughter and play when the moment calls for it (and sometimes when it doesn’t)


  • A fond sense of belonging to a unique, fun, and quirky community — a larger family that they are proud and happy to be a part of.


Tools we work to develop in our campers include:


  • Emotional flexibility & resilience to unexpected (or even undesired) outcomes.


  • An ability to be attuned to what they are feeling, the vocabulary to articulate it and the courage to be vulnerable in expressing it. 


  • An ability to think freely and independently; to be able to think “out-of-the-box”.


  • A sense of creative empowerment that enables them to have an idea, believe in their vision, trust in their ability to bring it to fruition and be ok whether they fail or succeed.


  • The ability to flow as part of a group, yet still know who they are as an individual.


  • The ability to find themselves in any learning, creative or social situation and be able to meet it with a rooted sense of self that gives them the courage to be vulnerable, put themselves out there, try something new and be ok whether they fail or succeed in that moment .


  • A real ability to have fun; to truly let go and be free in a moment (without restriction from self-judgment or the fear of judgment from others); to play, sing, dance, and laugh!