Bring Camp Super Duper to YOUR Campus!


  • Boast a Great Summer Program for your families - we have a rich program and over a decades worth of experience serving kids!


  • We will bring JOY, CREATIVITY, LAUGHTER and POSITIVE ENERGY to your school and community - our philosophy is centered around giving every child (and staff member) the freedom and space to be the biggest and best version of themselves!


  • We provide a Kaleidoscopic array of fun, enriching, educational and inspiring activities and expierences - We cover all the basics like Sports, Art, Music, Cooking, Yoga, Dance, Theater, etc, but also take it to the next level with things like DJing, Podcasting, Parkour, Cirque, Engineering, Skateboarding, Filmmaking, Music Video Production, Tinkering, Animation, just to name a few!

    Let us collaborate with you on pupil-free days, Back to School Nights, Fundraisers, Open Houses, Parents Night Out, etc.


  • We can DONATE FREE WEEKS OF CAMP - For fundraising, as well as scholarship spots.


  • Earn anywhere from $30,000 - $60,000 - Having Camp Super Duper on campus means additional revenue for your school or organization!

What we are looking for ...

Must Have...

  • A clean, secure campus in good shape

  • A large indoor gathering space (like a GYM or AUDITORIUM)

  • 8 - 12 Classrooms (or other spaces)

  • A large outdoor space (ideally with grass)


Would Be Nice to Have...


  • Specialty Rooms (Art, Music, Computer, Library, etc)

  • A kitchen or teachers lounge with oven for cooking class

  • An outdoor play structure/play area

What's Sup Dup all about?  Watch this 3 min video!


For More Info please contact our Executive Director, Segev Perets: or 310 351 1377


Santa Monica


Pasadena / La Canada

Ktown / Mid-City /  DTLA



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