Bring Sup Dup to YOUR School!


Do you love Camp Super Duper?  Do you wish it was closer to where you live?  Is your child's school campus awesome? (or do you know of an awesome school campus?)  Could your school use an extra $30K-$60 in your annual budget?  Would you like to get FREE CAMP FOR YOUR CHILD?


Camp Super Duper is looking to expand to additional locations in the following areas:


  • Westside / Santa Monica / Mar Vista / Culver City / Playa Vista

  • South Bay

  • Pasadena / Glendale / Burbank

  • San Fernando Valley



If you think your school campus is Super Duper material and you want to HELP YOUR SCHOOL RAISE $30,000-$60,000 in additional revenue each summer AND you are interested in getting FREE CAMP for YOUR CHILD...

We want to hear from you!

We are looking to expand for the 2018 season (and possibly for a shorter, trial run for 2017).  If you are able to help us make a connection to a school that we end up securing as an additional campus, we will happily offer you FREE CAMP for YOUR CHILD!

What we are looking for in a campus...



  • A clean, secure campus in good shape

  • A large indoor gathering space (like a GYM or AUDITORIUM)

  • 8-12 Classrooms 

  • A large outdoor space (ideally with grass)





  • Specialty Rooms (Art, Music, Computer, Library, etc)

  • A kitchen or teachers lounge with oven for cooking class

  • A space we can use as an office during camp (can be an actual office or a library or classroom)

  • An outdoor play structure/play area 



WE WOULD LOVE (but can live without)...

  • Grass!

  • Separate Play Areas for older and Younger Kids

  • A Computer Lab

  • A Swimming Pool or one within walking distance

  • Staff Parking

  • Parent Parking or Easy Drop-Off area

  • A theater/stage

  • A dance room/studio

  • An Art Room

  • A Maker Space / Tinker Lab / Tech Room / Science Room




What We Can Offer Your School...



  • You get to boast a GREAT program for your families, right on your own school campus

  • Your school can earn between $2000 to $5000/week that we run camp (depending on the campus, size and space we use)

  • We will bring JOY, CREATIVITY, LAUGHTER and POSITIVE ENERGY to your school and community

  • We can offer single day camps during pupil-free days

  • We can provide activities and childcare for school events, Open Houses, fundraisers, Parents Night Out, etc

  • We can donate free weeks/sessions of camp for fundraising, as well as scholarship spots

  • We are super fun and awesome to work with!





For More Info, or if you think your school's got the Sup Dup stuff, please contact us at or (866) 309-7322


If you're looking for something to share with your school contact or administrator about our camp, you can direct them to the following two videos...