"My son adored (Camp Super Duper). Every day there was something new, he loved the people and the counselors were attentive and helpful to parents. This made a very very happy summer for us.  Thank you so much."

- Jenny F.

Camp Super Duper International


Welcome and thank you for your interest in bringing students from around the world to Camp Super Duper.  In 2018, Camp Super Duper welcomed campers from China, Korea, Israel, and Kazakhstan to our beautiful campus at Pilgrim Day School, located at 540 S. Commonwealth Ave. Los Angeles, CA  90020.


Camp Super Duper has been around for over 13 years.  We started as a small camp and have grown by our reputation as the best LA-based Summer Day Camp.  One fundamental element that make our camp different from others includes the diversity of our programming.  We offer a wide variety of activities including Art, Sports, Cooking, Circus, Science, Yoga, Music, Dance, Engineering, Filmmaking, Photography, Animation, Video Game Design, DJing, Podcasting, Parkour, Capoeira, and more.  We have dance parties, open-mic karaoke, spirited competitions, dress-up/costume days, water-play, field trips, songs, games, cheers, performances and many unique and fun customs, rituals and traditions.


And, our Camp Super Duper Staff is exceptional!  Unlike many American Camps who hire low-cost employees or teenagers/high school students to staff their Summer programs, Camp Super Duper employs mature, experienced, professional, trustworthy, reliable, smart, fun, unique, warm, loving, responsible ADULTS.  Our staff range in age from 22 to 62 and are some of the most fun, unique and magical people around. Each year, the number one feedback we get from our parents is how amazing our staff is.


At the crux of it all, the Camp Super Duper philosophy, approach and culture is what truly makes us unique!  At Camp Super Duper, we have a lot of fun and do a lot of things, but really, what we are all about is helping kids develop into the best version of themselves.  We believe camp is about connection, relationships, communities and being part of a tribe. We also believe that the world is changing so fast and kids have so many challenges, distractions, responsibilities and expectations put on them.  We want to create an environment that allows them to slow down and just be kids! Playing, learning, growing, and having fun while they discover who they are and developing the skills they need to make a great life for themselves, to be good human beings and to help make the world a better place is what we foster.  It's all about the love and joy and learning and celebrating each child for who they are!


Registration for our camp is available by the week, or in two week blocks for discounted rates.  While we do not run an academically based program, International students who spend several days or weeks in the United States at our day camp, will be immersed in the local language and able to experience and learn from the American culture.  Camp Super Duper accepts students from age 4 through 17. Campers are grouped with others in their same school year to create a mini-camp of approximately 15 campers (a good mix of International and local students) with 2 Group Leaders, moving through the camp and engaging in a variety of enriching activities.  The sooner you sign up for Summer 2019, the deeper the discounts are. See - https://www.campsuperduper.com/datesandfees Camp Super Duper is currently offering all weeks/sessions to International Groups on a "first come, first served" basis. Once a week/session is booked with 20 or more International Students in one particular age bracket, that week/session will then be locked, so that week/session will be exclusive for that International company and we won’t overlap with too many International students per ratio to our local students.  Don’t miss out on the weeks you want!





On top of any current early registration discount we are offering, we also give group rate discounts.  The exact percentage will entirely depend on how many students you are registering and here is that breakdown....


  • For a minimum of 2-9 kids, we offer a 10% discount on all campers after the first registration.

  • For a minimum of 10-19 kids, we offer a 10% discount on all campers' registrations.

  • For a minimum of 20-29 kids, we offer a 15% discount on all campers' registrations.

  • For a minimum of 30-40+ kids, we offer a a 20% discount on all campers' registrations



Frequently Asked Questions


How many local students in your summer camp?

Camp Super Duper enrolls anywhere between 185 to 250 campers per week in the Summer months.


What do we need to prepare for our International Students before camp begins?

Campers need to be registered, through our website, and paid in full before Summer 2019 begins.  The particulars for each camper’s registration week, including what to expect and what each camper needs, will be sent in an email by the Friday prior to their attendance.


Do students need to bring their own lunch?

All campers need to bring a healthy snack to enjoy on the first break of each day. Campers may also bring their own lunch, or they may order a healthy “hot lunch” from our partners Organic Kids LA, which you can read all about herePLEASE NOTE - there is no Organic Kids LA delivery for Field Trip days, so be sure not to order lunch if your camper is going on a Thursday field trip and be sure to pack your camper’s lunch on that day.


Do you offer free pick up & drop off if we stay in LA?

We do not offer a carpool service, but highly recommend the premiere driver service for kids https://www.hopskipdrive.com/


Do you offer any extended hours to the camp day?

Yes. The camp day runs from 9:00am-3:30pm each day, however we have early morning hours from 8:00-8:45am and extended hours from 3:45-5:45pm in the afternoon.  To view the fee structure for these extended day options, click here.


Can my friend and I accompany the kids during the camp for pictures and videos?

It is possible for pre-approved chaperones to accompany International students, however friends and parents, in general, do not join the students at camp, and photos and videos of campers other than your own are not allowed.


Do you have a full schedule for one week camp for us as a reference?

Yes. You can learn more about a typical week at camp here



Registration Process


To begin your International Students’ registration process, please start by answering the following questions about your company in an email addressed to info@campsuperduper.com


  • Have you created a Camp Super Duper application?  (When creating your company’s registration ledger, add each student and his/her specific information to the application so we have an individual ledger for each student including their birthdays and upcoming school grade.)

  • How many students will be coming to Los Angeles for Summer Camp 2019?

  • How long are the students staying for?

  • What part of the summer are you looking at bringing students to our camp?

  • Do all the students stay the same amount of time and for the same dates?

  • What are the (average) ages of the students coming?

  • Do the students speak English?

  • Will the students have English speaking companions joining them?

  • Will your students need early drop-off and/or extended PM hours for their stay at Camp Super Duper?

  • Have you brought students to the US before and what are the rates you need to make this work?



Thanks again for your interest in Camp Super Duper International and please let me know when you are ready to move forward with us and let’s make magic happen for your visiting students!


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Pasadena / La Canada

Ktown / Mid-City /  DTLA



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