Food / Lunch


Our Approach to Food

We are BIG believers in healthy eating and making smart food choices, including opting for organic food and ingredients and avoiding GMOs whenever.


We read ingredients, avoid processed food, search for natural and healthy alternatives to traditional treats and spend the extra money to provide our campers with the best, cleanest, healthiest versions of whatever food we are providing.


Believe us when we say this is VERY important to us.  That being said, we can only do the best we can do and cannot guarantee all organic, all GMO-free food across the board.  But we do try our best!  





Lunch is not included in the cost of tuition.  Campers can either pack a snack and lunch each day or order lunch fresh, healthy, all-organic lunches from our lunch provider, Organic Kids LA.
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Food at Camp

Whether you bring lunch and snack from home or order from Organic Kids LA, there are some situations where we do provide food to campers.   As each family’s food-philosophy and dietary preferences are different, we feel it’s important for you to know what food will be provided at camp:


  • Cooking Class – We make healthy food using fresh, natural ingredients. If we’re making something that’s a sweet treat, we make the healthiest version possible and teach about the value of good, healthy food and smart food choices.


  • Extended Care Snack – We provide either Fresh Fruit or Vegetables, Whole Grain Crackers/Pretzels, All Natural Granola or Fruit Bars, etc.


  • Occasional Treats– It is summer camp and we sometime provide sweet treats, such as ice cream, or fun food associated with theme days (i.e popcorn for movie day, cereal for pajama day, etc) as well as popsicles for Water Days.   We try our best to provide the healthiest, least processed, most natural version of everything available.



Food Allergies


We are very allergy conscious and always check all camper records before providing any food.  We are a peanut free camp and always try to provide viable alternatives for fun treats when we can (dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, etc).  However, please bear in mind, that while we always do the best we can, we are not always able to have allergy-friendly alternatives.

If your child has a severe food allergy, please be sure to note it in the medical forms AND communicate with our camp director and your camper’s counselors on his/her first day.


Lunch by Organic Kids LA
To order, simply go to their website, set up an account (or log in to existing account), select Camp Super Duper, and place your order!

Sup Dup is proud to offer optional lunch delivery by Organic Kids LA for our Summer Sessions!


Organic Kids LA provides healthy, mostly-organic lunches and snacks delivered right to camp daily, individually wrapped with your child’s name on, per the schedule of your choice.

They offer a daily chef’s special, for ease of ordering, or fully customizeable “bento box” lunch with tons of delicious and nutritious options to choose from.


You can order daily, a few times a week, or however often you like.


Check out there website for more info or to order!



*Please note that Organic Kids LA does not provide hot lunch delivery during our Winter and Spring Camps.




"(Camp Super Duper) absolutely exceeded every expectation I had. The Staff was fun, attentive and fantastically handled the very few times my daughter clung to me when I dropped her off in the morning with wonderful expertise and no drama.  It just says a lot that she didn't want me to leave in the morning, but NEVER wanted to leave when I picked her up. I can't recommend this camp enough.  Parents, you can go to work and just KNOW that your child is not only having a great time, but is loved and cared for. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!"

- Marc L.