Camp Super Duper FAQ


Do you offer transportation?

Do you provide lunch?

Do you offer Water Play?

Do you go on field trips?

What is your approach to 'Discipline'?


Is every the session the same or are they different?

How many sessions do most people sign up for? What do you recommend?

Can I sign up for 1 session now and add more later? What if my child doesn’t like it?

Can I split sessions?

Can I try it for one day to see if I like it?

Can I sign up for just one week?

My child is almost 4 years old and uber capable. Can I sign him/her up?


How are campers grouped?

How many kids, how many staff per group?

Are boys and girls mixed?

Do you take friend requests?


Do you accept International campers who don’t speak fluent English?

Do you accept campers with Special Needs?

What is your boy/girl ratio?

How is your camper and staff diversity?

How many campers do you have overall?


Who do you hire for staff? Are they qualified and safe?

Do you run background checks on your staff?

What kind of training do you provide?

Health & Safety

How do you handle campers with Allergies?

Do you administer medication?

Do you have a nurse or any medical personnel on site?

Is the campus secure?

Do you have an emergency plan?


Do you offer financial assistance?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Is there a Sibling Discount?

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Santa Monica


Pasadena / La Canada

Ktown / Mid-City /  DTLA



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