We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with HopSkipDrive and now offer (optional) daily transportation to and/or from camp!


(And, at $9 each way, you can't beat the price).









That's right!


Now, for just $9 each way ($18 Round Trip), you can drop-off and pick-up at convenient locations all over Los Angeles!

To view the drop-off/pick-up locations nearest you and learn more about how HopSkipDrive will work with Camp Super Duper, click here.




If you don't know HopSkipDrive, it is LA's most trusted transportation provider for kids.  Created by moms, driven with love, built on safety as the top priority.


We've chosen to work with HopSkipDrive because
we trust them with our own kids.

Drivers are put through the most rigorous and complete background checks possible, all have minimum 5 years childcare experience as caregivers, go through extensive training, have their vehicles regulary put through highly scrutinous inspections, and are monitored in real time by a real human for every second of every ride.


You can learn more about HopSkipDrive's safety practices here.






Sign up when you register for camp through our registration system, and select the Drop-Off/Pick-Up spot most convenient for you.  


Follow the link we send you to quickly fill out the HopSkipDrive permission form (takes 30 seconds)



Meet at the designated Pick-Up location at the designated time. (choose 8am or 8:25am) 



A HopSkipDrive CareDriver will drive your camper to Camp Super Duper where our staff will greet them at the car and walk them to their group and counselors to start their awesome day.


Meet the Caredriver and your child at the same designated spot for pick up at the designated time (3:55pm)



  How It Works...  

From Segev, Our Founder/Director...

"I wouldn't ask you to trust someone with your kids' safety unless I trust them with my kids' safety.  I use HopSkipDrive to get to my kids to sports practices and appointments, and they have been great!

Every parent I've spoken to who uses it, myself included, agrees that It kind-of works like this...


1st time - "I'm really nervous. I'm not so sure about this.  Is this a good idea? What if...?"


2nd time - "Ok, maybe this is OK?  I'm getting a little more comfortable with the idea."


3rd time - "This is the best thing I've ever done in my life!  Genius! What have I been waiting for!?"


It saves me so much time and stress, instead of trying to be everywhere at once.  I love it!"

Santa Monica


Pasadena / La Canada

Ktown / Mid-City /  DTLA



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