"Superb!  This was our first summer attending (Camp Super Duper). This is an outstanding program which I highly recommend. You can feel the wonderful energy from the moment you walk in. Segev and his team have created a fun and safe environment that provides an enriching camp experience. The counselors are fantastic with the kids (and parents!). The activities keep the kids challenged and happy.  Can't wait to see everyone again this winter!"

- A B.  

CIT & JCIT Programs


Our CIT (Counselor in Training) & JCIT (Junior Counselor in Training) programs are available to 7th - 12th graders and are intended to be training programs that provide leadership skills, fun, peer engagement and an overall great learning experience.


  • JCITs are rising 7th & 8th Graders


  • CITs are rising 9th - 10th Graders


  • Starting Summer 2019, we are rolling out our new Senior CIT program for rising 11th & 12th Graders



JCIT Program


The JCITs have a program designed just for them.  The JCIT experience is the first step in going from being a camper to being someone who is now thinking about supporting the experience of others, helping out behind the scenes and learning to handle some responsibility.  



JCITs have access to many of the same awesome classes that all of our older campers experience.  For a good portion of their day/week the JCITs’ experience is much the same as our campers - they have two Group Leaders assigned to them to help them move through our schedule of classes, activities and field trips!  (Click here for more information on what a day at Camp Super Duper is like.)



Unique to the JCIT experience is specialized leadership training, tailored just to them, as well as a taste of the CIT experience interwoven throughout the day/week.  JCITs get more choices as well as time set aside to work alongside our CITs, helping in classes, working with the admin team, and working to help support some of our younger groups.  JCITs also attend our special just-for-them CIT Field Trips to locations like Hurricane Harbor and Santa Monica Pier!



CIT Program


The CITs are asked to operate with a quite a bit more responsibility, accountability and independence.


CITs will have a good deal of flexibility, freedom, and choice to make decisions and influence their experience. CITs will have a Group Leader assigned to them and collaborate to decide their best placement each day/week. Some CITs will work in a group, training with the Group Leaders and assisting campers throughout the day (particularly with our Youngest Campers.)


Other CITs may be placed in a classroom, assisting an Instructor in a class such as Art, Cooking, Circus or Sports.  It is important for CITs to develop their interests and also to try new things, pushing outside their comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens!



CITs also have extra responsibilities unique to them - assisting with morning carpool, helping the office registrar with early pick-ups, and our CIT favorite - Special Events! CITs have a very important role in helping with our Fun Fridays and it provides them an exciting and unique opportunity to socialize with their peers.  As always, the CIT program is offered at a discounted rate of 50% off of Camp Super Duper’s Summer Tuition.





Unrolling Summer 2019, Camp Super Duper will now offer a Senior CIT program. The Senior CIT program is offered to returning CITs who are entering 11th or 12th grade in the Fall.  The Senior CIT program will function similarly to the regular CIT program, with additional training, workshops, and opportunities for completing community service and college (or other) applications.  If you believe your camper is eligible to enroll, please click here to complete the application. 




Rising 11th graders who apply and qualify for the Senior CIT program will be offered 100% off of Camp Super Duper’s Summer Tuition, and rising 12th graders who apply and qualify for the Senior CIT program will be offered 100% off of Camp Super Duper’s Summer Tuition plus incentives.


To make sure that it’s not all work and no play, JCITs, CITs and Senior CITs go on a fun weekly field trip.  Once a session they will get a just-for-them special field trip adventure like kayaking/SUPing in the Marina and mini-golf/Go-Kart races at Mulligan’s Family Fun Center.  The JCITs, CITs and Senior CITs also accompany campers 3rd grade and up on their regular field trips once a session. All field trips are optional and there is no additional fee to attend.


All of our CIT programs are their own fun little community at camp.  Many of our CITs come back year after year to reconnect with their friends from years past and meet new friends (sometimes from around the world) joining us each summer at Camp Super Duper. Our CITs have also been known to socialize outside of camp, with outings to The Grove, movies, pizza, & more!



Minimum Commitment


JCITs are welcome to enroll, like a camper, for any Week/Sessions of Summer camp that they prefer.


We ask that CITs and Senior CITs commit to a minimum of 4 weeks enrollment, are able to come for a Leadership Training date on a Saturday before Summer Camp begins, and are able to arrive at camp by 8:15am each morning to help greet campers, check in with our leadership team, and then stay until 3:45pm each afternoon to finish the day.


We welcome returning JCITs, CITs and Senior CITs to join us for Winter Camp and Spring Camp for free! Please e-mail info@campsuperduper.com with further questions.