Audio & Video

An Introduction to Camp Super Duper (60 seconds)

What's Camp Super Duper all about? (3 minutes)

Video Production

Summer 2016


In Video Production class Campers learnt the skills needed to create their own videos - everything from pre-production, to shooting, to editing the final result.


One of the videos The Flying Monkeys decided to create was a video all about Camp Super Duper!


Summer 2016


The song 'Mr. Big Nose' was written, performed and recorded during our week of Songwriting and Recording by Group X!

Mr. Big Nose - Group X
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Music Video Production

Summer 2016


For this class everything came together for our Campers in our older brackets as they put to use all the skills they learnt in Video Production. They shot, edited, produced and performed in their own music videos using songs they had written and recorded the prior week.


The Twisters created a video for their song 'Tommy', and you can see the awesome final result here!  Quite the accomplishment for just two 45-minute classes!


Summer 2016


Sup Dup Radio: Volume 1 features an assortment of audio productions from stories, to interviews, to think pieces recorded during our Podcast Class!

Sup Dup Radio - Volume 1
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