Sup Dup in a Nutshell


In a nutshell, Camp Super Duper is a modern take on the traditional summer camp experience. We offer a WIDE variety of age appropriate (and CRAZY FUN) activities & experiences for campers from preschool through 8th grade, as well as CIT programs for teens.


Each day at Sup Dup is different.  A rotating mix of structured, specialized activities weaves together with rituals, traditions, and staple activities (art, sports, games, etc.) to make each day, week, and session a unique experience.


Each session also features spirit days, swimming, themed “Fun Fridays,” group projects, field trips for older campers, and lots of opportunities for choice.  There’s also plenty of time to hang out with friends, do whatever floats your boat, and just be a kid.


The program is designed so that you can attend for one session and get the full experience. Or you can attend every session and never get bored.


No two days are ever the same & there’s something for just about everyone.


“We LOVE Super Duper.  My son grows leaps and bounds every summer that he is here.  Every year we try to throw in a few other camps to give him a little diversity, but we just cannot beat SupDup.  We keep coming back year after year."

                                              - Patricia R.

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Tae Kwon Do




Water Play

Science & Tech



Music Recording



Mini Golf




Fabric Arts

Fashion Design

Camp Crafts

Jewelry Making









Field Hockey


Hip Hop


World Dance



Group Projects

Color Games

Theme Days

Field Trips*

Beach Days*

Overnight Adventures**



Video Game Design


Lego Lab

Nature Education












 *Older Camps Only



Some activities happen every session, while others vary from session to session and yet others happen once or twice in a summer.  Each session is unique, yet there is a rhythmic structure that is consistent.   

A Typical Day
Camp is from 9am to 3:30pm daily.


Each day begins with all campers gathering for “Announcements” where we start the day as a community with our camp song, group cheers, repeat-after-me's, counselor challenges, birthday celebrations and, of course, any important announcements for the day.

After announcements, each group heads off with their counselors to adventure into their unique and carefully crafted schedule, with each day consisting of 5 activity periods (some specialist-led, some counselor led), and time for snack & free-play and, of course, lunch & free-play


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Ages & Programming


While the overall structure of camp is relatively the same, and all campers are part of ONE camp experience (including all-camp gatherings each morning and some all-camp activities) the program is really divided into 3 age groups, with varying, age-appropriate programming for each.


Groups / Ratios

Campers are grouped by grade level. There are usually about 12-18 kids per group (depending on age and enrollment) with 2 mature, experienced, ADULT counselors for each group (plus instructors for most classes and CITs for some of the younger groups). 

Depending on age, ratios range from 6:1 to 9:1. Overall ratio of children to adults at camp is about 7:1.


Groups are mixed gender. 


When assigning groups, we try to keep campers from the same school, same grade in the same group by default.




Campers can either pack a snack and lunch each day or order lunch fresh, healthy, all-organic lunches from our lunch provider, Organic Kids LA.                                    Click for more info


Camp-Provided Food
As campers bring or order their own lunch, the only food we provide is for:

  • Cooking Class – We make healthy food using fresh, natural ingredients. If we’re making something that’s a sweet treat, we make the healthiest version possible and teach about the value of good, healthy food and smart food choices. 

  • Extended Care Snack – We provide either Fresh Fruit or Vegetables, Whole Grain Crackers/Pretzels, All Natural Granola or Fruit Bars, etc

  • Extra snack/food - We always keep something on hand in case campers forget lunch or need an extra snack – Mostly Fruit

  • Occasional Treats – It is summer camp and we sometime provide sweet treats, such as ice cream, or fun food associated with the them (i.e popcorn for movie day, cereal for pajama day, etc) and popsicles for Water Days.   We try our best to provide the healthiest, least processed, most natural version of everything available.

Our Approach to Food
We are BIG believers in healthy eating and making smart food choices, including opting for
organic food and ingredients and avoiding GMOs whenever.

We read ingredients, avoid processed food, search for natural and healthy alternatives or traditional treats and spend the extra money to provide our campers with the best, cleanest, healthiest versions of whatever food we are providing.  

Believe us when we say this is VERY important to us.  That being said, we can only do the best we can do and cannot guarantee all organic, all GMO-free food across the board.  But we do try our best.

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Depending on age, and other programming for each session, campers will swim 2 times per week as part of ther regular camp day.  


You will also have the opportunity to sign up for optional swim lessons, and some extra swim time for campers who stay for Extra Fun Crew (our extended day program).


It’s a blast and no one need worry about anyone not being safe. 


Theme Days

Spirit Days
Every Tuesday is Spirit Day or Crazy-Head-Hands-and-Feet Day (depending on how long you’ve been coming to Sup Dup – we’ve got strong factions of support for both titles.   Campers wear crazy hair, silly hats, two different shoes, clothes backwards, face paint, glitter, whatever they feel like.  Its pretty awesome.

Fun Friday
Every Friday is FUN FRIDAY!  Each week, there is a different theme day where campers dress according to the theme (or however they want) and activities are centered around the theme.  Past examples include Pajamarama, Country Hoedown, Movie Day, Fancy Schmancy Day and Sup Dup Color Games, to name a few.  More awesome.


Early Drop-Off / Extended Care

Early Drop-Off
Early Drop- Off is available each day starting at 8am at a rate of $5/day. Campers check in with the counselor on duty and hang out, draw, play board games or play games on the field until 8:45 when they check in with their groups.


Extended Care
Extra Fun Crew, as we call it, is available daily until 5:30pm at a rate of $17/day for drop in or $70/week ($14/day) when signing up in advance.  


Extra Fun Crew includes added games, crafts, activities, sports/field time, free time and a healthy snack each day.  Activities end at 5:45, however staff is onsite until 6pm if you’re in a pinch.


Field Trips & Overnights


Field Trips and Overnights are for Campers 3rd grade & up.


Field Trips
Campers 3rd-6th grade take a field every session (2nd Thursday of each session), alternating between outdoor/nature-based trips (such as Temescal, Franklin or Solstice Canyons, and The Beach), and other varying destinations like ice skating, rock climbing, hands-on museums, etc.    


JCITs (8th-9th) & CITs (10th-12th) grade attend most of these trips as well, but also go on their own special trip on the alternating weeks to more “exotic” destinations like Hurricane Harbor, Sky Zone, Family Fun Center, etc.


Field Trips are included in the cost of tuition.

Overnight Adventures  (optional/additional cost)
Once or twice per summer we have optional overnight adventures to Camp JCA Shalom to introduce campers to the sleepaway camp experience.  We stay in bunks or “camp” indoors sleep-in style and join the JCA camp schedule for all their great outdoor, adventure and nature based activities.

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